Sharing the experience of a UX internship through physical artifacts.

This project was created after a three month UX internship with in a corporate setting.  To communicate the experience for assessment I constructed an interactive book to delight my supervisor, based on observations I'd made of him during a few meetings, taking note of his preference for conversations rather than email, and reading a research paper he had written on his own design process.


Although the UX design on the internship was for digital devices, the application of UX principles carried across into a tactile project.  I kept three questions in mind whilst designing this experience:  Who is the user?  What are they trying to do?  Have I helped them?

Within the language of the Agile workplace there was a rich opportunity to use metaphor - 'stories', 'epics', 'retro' and I played with that as well as ways to create a tactile interpretation of the internship. 

I communicated the flexibility and multiple touchpoints of the UX internship through a collection of zines that documented the experience by themes.  Only the first zine was marked with a number, and the rest could be read in any order.

This project was a labour of love, planning and creating.