Jemimah Irvin

I'm a designer who drinks coffee; adopts houseplants, spices and new skills; and works best collaborating with a multidisciplinary team. I passionately believe that human-centred design can drive positive social change, and that listening to people's stories is a privilege.

A rapid prototype, gifted to me by a co-worker.

A rapid prototype, gifted to me by a co-worker.

I received my Bachelor of Visual Communication Design (Honours) and a University Medal from the University of Newcastle in 2016. It's safe to say that I'm a design nerd, and I support the local design community through meetups like IxDA and The Design Kids.



If you're curious about some of my history, Journey is a booklet that maps parts of that story to data. 



In promoting the School of Creative Industries to young people, The University of Newcastle produced a series of short videos of recent graduates to demonstrate that creative degrees provide vibrant, exciting careers.  This aligns with my personal goal to empower and serve people, so I stepped (nervously) into the spotlight.


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