Understanding the experience of going to hospital for health insurance customers.

Data showed a significant percentage of customers leave their insurer in the six months following a hospital claim.  We wanted to change this, but first we needed to understand why.

We organised contextual in-home interviews with eleven people across Sydney who’d had surgery or were planning for it so that we could better understand their journey and why they’d stayed or switched from their insurer.

These conversations confirmed a few hunches, but challenged the assumptions that unexpected out-of-pocket expenses prompt customers to leave after a hospital claim.  Our research provided the business with fresh insights into their data and new challenges for future projects.

Research findings

Expectations&Reality Copy.jpg


The customer's expectations of the journey rarely matched what they experienced, and with our unique insights from years of data we wanted to help shift these expectations.


The insurer's role

We learned that our customers see us as transactional, not a trusted source of health information and support.

Next steps

The CX team will be applying these findings and the journey map to improvements over the coming months, including a set of tools that the UX team have been designing on so that front line staff can provide better support for customers enquiring about a hospital visit or medical procedure.

My contributions:


Preparing resources for interviews, facilitating interviews, observing interviews, transcribing notes, affinity mapping, graphics for presentation to the business & implementing findings in UX work.

Lena Barboutas, Design Research Manager
Jemimah Irvin, UX Designer
Glyn Thomas, CX Manager
Chris Stonestreet, UX Manager 
Ashlea Rendell, Behavioural Researcher 
Kurt Lancaster, Behavioural Researcher