Sweet and Sassy: Orange, Thyme & Vanilla Jam

Sweet and Sassy: Orange, Thyme & Vanilla Jam

In 2011 spent a few weeks one summer on a farm in Tasmania.  I milked a cow, picked berries, got dragged through the mud by an excited calf, fed chickens and rambled around with my nephews and their friends.

With the excess fruit from the farm, our hostess, Tanya, invited me to make jam with her.  That day I learnt how to cook and bottle jam according to their family traditions.   A few months later I made my own jam, and experimented with fruit & spice combinations - the favourite of my relatives being the precious little jars of sangria jam.  I created a fictional brand and designed labels for my jam  and gifted my produce to people at Christmas time, not knowing then that within a year I would have left my job to do design full-time at university.

It seemed fitting to round off my degree by returning to this idea and gifting jam to people who have helped me along the way.

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